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    In todays fast paced, get it and go, one stop shopping world, traditional downtown areas are having a hard time surviving.  This same societal change has also led to hard times for the Performing Arts as people find it easier to watch a DVD or Pay-Per-View than attend a live performance.  Interestingly, in recent years the successful partnership between downtown communities and the Performing Arts has led to a beneficial relationship that can help both of these seemingly unrelated attractions prosper.

     Casual Arts is a coalition of Builders, Directors, Designers and Strategic Planners dedicated to the revitalization of city centers through an infusion of Comedy, Music, Theatre and other Performing Arts.  Our members come from all areas of the arts and business community across the Nation and share one common goal to foster the Performing Arts while revitalizing city centers.

     Drawing on our combined experiences, we work with groups and municipalities to help them jump start their downtowns by partnering with the Performing Arts.  Assistance provided includes revitalization guidance, facility planning, equipment loans, and sponsoring Artists-in-Residence to work locally, directing productions, installing equipment, training volunteers and providing any other assistance that may be needed. 

    It is our preference to work in the background, providing advice and support to established organizations that are using an Arts project as a catalyst in their downtown's revitalization effort.  To strengthen the Arts in the area around the revitalization we also reach out to local performance groups and schools, providing them with technical and management assistance. 

    In rare cases we will purchase historic theater buildings to save them from demolition or conversion to non theatrical uses.   These buildings are stabilized and held until local organizations can raise the funds to acquire and restore them.  In cases where there is a downtown revitalization underway and there is not a suitable local organization to restore the theater we may restore the theater and then help create an organization to take over ownership and operation of the theater.