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    Best described as a private not for profit foundation, we are an all volunteer group with members and supporters from across the county who share the common goal of using the Arts as a catalyst to revitalize downtowns.  Our supporters come from all professions ranging from doctors and lawyers to theater specialists to laborers.  Our members assist in projects by sharing their experience in one or more of our core areas:

Financial -
Members of the financial group work at finding funding for projects through grants and donations.  They also work with private individuals in securing loans to finance projects and save threatened buildings.

Revitalization Planning -
These members use their experience to guide organizations as they navigate the downtown revitalization process and comment on or prepare revitalization plans.  This group also evaluates revitalization plans in communities where projects have been proposed and conducts feasibility studies to determine if a proposed project is likely to succeed.

Venue Planning -
This group analyzes the building that is being restored or converted, determines the best layout for the space and creates the plans that will be used for the project.  They specify the materials and equipment that will be used and in many cases will produce blueprints which are ready for evaluation by a local architect.

Venue Construction -
Most of our members participate in this group, either by performing the actual construction work or supervising areas of the project in which they have expertise.

Venue Operation -
Once a venue is ready to open, this group assists the local organization in all aspects of operations from tickets to performance selection to technical direction to cleaning.  They also provide support services such as website design/maintenance, information technology and personnel management.