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     In support of our mission to aid in the revitalization of downtown areas through the use of the Arts we offer a number of programs which provide advice, equipment and short term funding assistance.

Project Planning -
    Many of our supporters have extensive experience in the Arts and in the restoration of buildings.  Drawing upon this experience we are able to provide a wide range of services which include the evaluation of potential buildings, assistance in planning the conversion or restoration of a building and the preparation of blueprints for a local architect's review and certification.  On some projects we have also provided on-site technical advisors, caretakers, project managers and similar personnel to help guide the project. 
    Past projects have included upgrades to operating theaters, the renovation of dormant theaters, the conversion of vacant "big box" stores for use as performance spaces and the conversion of large restaurants or banquet halls into performance spaces.

Technical Support -
    During the design phase of a project we are able to provide guidance in selecting and specifying the technical equipment for a facility.  Over the years we have learned that sometimes architects and engineers who work on conventional buildings don't always know what the best choices for a performance space are and that they can make some bad decisions.  Drawing upon the combined experiences of our technical experts we can help spot and correct problems while they're still on paper.
    We also provide support in the form of hands on training and seminars to teach the staff at both new and existing venues how to best use the equipment that they have.  Often we will provide Technical Directors, Scenery Designers, Lighting Designers, stage carpenters and stage electricians to help organizations create better productions.

Contractor Referrals/Discounts -
    Some of our supporters work for or own companies which specialize in designing, building, equipping and maintaining theaters.  As supporters of our downtown revitalization efforts they often will offer their services at reduced rates.  When business has been slow or there are gaps between jobs some of these companies have worked at cost. 

Equipment Loans -
    Often organizations do not have all of the equipment that may be needed to create a successful production.  By working with theatrical equipment rental companies we are often able to provide necessary equipment at reduced or no charge for qualifying organizations.  In the past we have provided anything from a few pieces of scenery to entire lighting and sound systems.

Temporary Financing -
    Finances are always a challenge in the Arts.  We are very fortunate to have several "Angels" amongst our supporters who are willing to provide short term loans for items such as emergency repairs, acquiring threatened buildings, and "bridge financing" to keep an organization operating while they wait for funding to come through.

Revitalization Guidance -
    Having been involved with creating venues which are part of revitalization projects we have become familiar with the revitalization process, from the initial studies and surveys though the planning process to the implementation of a revitalization plan.  This experience allows us to help guide organizations through the process and provide assistance in evaluating a downtown's strengths and weaknesses, conducting resident surveys, creating a vision for "the new downtown" and formulating goals for a revitalization plan.  While we are not a substitute for a professional revitalization consultant, we can assist local groups in performing many of steps in revitalization planning on their own.