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    One of the keys to fostering the arts is to create a multi-dimensional performance venue that is designed to present all of the performing arts in a casual and comfortable setting.     Past projects we have supported have included the conversion of vacant "Big-Box" stores or failed restaurants into theaters as well as the restoration of existing theaters. The final layout and specifications of any project are always dependant on the building that is selected, but there are several components that are often incorporated into the design to create a successful venue

 A casual cabaret style of seating - Rather than use traditional theater seating,  venues may feature individual chairs and small tables where patrons may enjoy a light meal and drinks before or after the performance.

Light dining and drinks To help keep people downtown after work and create a casual and social atmosphere, a menu of appetizers, sandwiches and drinks may be offered.

An outdoor courtyard The courtyard will open several hours before performances and give patrons a place to unwind after work and socialize.  The courtyard will feature a small stage for free performances by local artists.

An intimate cabaret space This theater will be designed for smaller performances such as musicians, comedians, poetry readings, and improv groups.  The stage area will be small and can be easily changed to suit the performance.

A mainstage space Still having casual seating, this theater will be larger than the cabaret space, and will primarily be used for plays, dance presentations and  large musical acts.  There will be a large (but still flexible) stage with a significant backstage area for storage of scenery.

Cutting edge technology While having the newest technology can be expensive, it allows the venue to create eye-popping productions while cutting down on the operating costs by offering flexibility.